Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Search: craigslist

Since I learned about sugar relationships from craigslist, it was only natural that I would start my search on that site.

When I posted for sugar, I would get a few responses before my post got flagged and removed. It was annoying and not helping me achieve my goal. I had to be patient and wait for potential sugar daddies to post. It seemed like everything would finally pay off when I responded to ComputerGeek's ad.

We exchanged pictures and told each other our stories and interests. We met later that week for coffee at Starbucks.

He was cute when I saw him. I found it very funny that he insisted on paying for my latte. I hope he knew I would require a lot more than that.

We talked, got to know each other a bit more and decided that we liked each other enough to pursue something.

Unfortunately we have yet to consummate our "relationship." ComputerGeek wants to come over my place, which is off-limits. He can only meet during the work day, which is highly difficult since my work day involves running around and responding to unpredictability.

I managed to carve out some time for last Friday at noon and demanded a hotel. He liked that I was direct and obstinate. None of the hotels around us could guarantee a room unless we showed up day of. We never met up on Friday and I assumed we weren't going to work out... so I tried a new website...

1 comment:

AH said...

Good ol' CL.

I am glad you made a viable contact. I am shocked that real men exist there who actually want to pay for something.

Maybe you can still have a date, if he can stay focused.

Those ppl are are flagging someone and I suspect it is men who are really pissed that yet another attractive woman does not want to have free sex.