Wednesday, January 30, 2008

On being a sugar baby

I met Louis Vuitton in college, and I've never lusted after anything less since. Unfortunately, convincing my parents to spend hundreds of dollars on material things has since been next to impossible. So I did what any person who wanted a big purchase would do.

I got a job.

I made money. I spent money. I made more money. I spent more money.

The problem was that I never made enough to money to spend the amount of money necessary to have Louis with me all the time, so I had to put him on hold.

After college, I posted my very first w4m ad on craigslist. The response was overwhelming and unexpected. I think I went on close to 20 dates just from that one post. It was electrifying... and cost effective since I never paid. I kept posting and responding to posts, reaping the rewards.

I got serious with some of the men, and I couldn't believe how much they loved to spoil me. The relationships soon fizzled though, as I could never return the feelings they wanted. I didn't love them.

I loved Louis Vuitton.

And so I decided I wanted to be a sugar baby. It seemed quite simple. The man buys me things, and I put out. Is it really all that different from sex on the first date after he buys dinner?

I don't think so.


AH said...

No, not so different.

I tell guys all the time "I can get dinner. Buy me something that I can use for more than one day."

Anonymous said...

lol, so true. I have a major weakness for designer purses, love LV

Anonymous said...

SugarDaddy here..

I love the lifestyle. I am 38yrs old and divorced for 3yrs. I have no problem finding women.. in fact, I seriously date women 30+ seeking a real relationship.

But sometimes I feel naughty.. and only an 18-24yr old will cure the itch. So I find a Sugarbaby for a short term thing.

Why not just go find a young girl in a club? First, I work hard and don't have that kinda time. Secondly, I really feel bad when I am ready to move on. With the Sugarbaby set up, it is no longer a problem... both parties get what they want.

So I say rock-on Sugarbabies! You are providing a valuable service and are doing nothing wrong.