Friday, February 8, 2008

daddymac is macked out

So I met daddymac at the Four Seasons. He looked like his pictures, acceptable to f*ck for sugar. I must say in person that he was dissapointing. The charisma from his emails and phone chat was absent.

I think the night really went sour close to the beginning when he told me about his past arrangement right off the bat. It wasn't a sugar relationship at all. He got involved with an intern at work and occasionally bought her things. They had a "fantastic 9 months together", but he didn't want to get married since he already had a wife at home.

That's all fine and dandy, I don't want to get married either. But I was getting the impression that he still wanted some form of "relationship" that didn't involve supporting my luxuries. In fact, he point blank said he hated that when I asked him about his wife.

His wife basically lives the life of a sugar baby. She puts out when he wants, and spends money to her heart's content... and he HATES that.

Now why would someone be on a website for a sugar daddy-baby relationship and hate supporting the luxuries that the baby desires. That's the whole freaking point!!

We didn't chat for long. I knew we didn't click, but he left it up to me to decide. So I did what any sugar baby in my position would do. I made a proposition that he could absolutely refuse, and in the off-chance he would take it... well then, he's a sugar daddy.

"I have basic needs such as food and shelter just like anyone else.
I love to work out, but I'm losing motivation. This can be fixed with a trainer.
I love designer labels for clothing and accessories.
When I look good I feel good.
When I look good, you look good.

If you are willing to support the aforementioned with $5000 monthly plus some should something ever come up, we can settle that topic and plan our next get-together so we can get to know each other better as people and lovers."

daddymac did not appreciate my proposal. I think he should switch his profile from seeking arrangement to seeking a pseudo-girlfriend who might actually like him for something other than money.

I mean come on. Don't flaunt your money and advertise funding only to tell me that your wife living an indulgent lifestyle pisses you off and you want someone for a deep connection.

Wrong site buddy. Wrong freakin site. I want your money and so does every other sugar baby.


AH said...

No surprise, as like many married guys, they feel like their duty has been done.
Magically, you, sexy single woman, are supposed to be the comforting naked friend.

Oh please.

Anonymous said...

this is hilariuos guys!!!