Friday, December 25, 2009

not so long pause

you know I pretty much totally forgot about this blog. I didn't mean to, but I moved across country and started a new job and things have been crazy busy...

but not to busy to look for a daddy

And I've been relatively successful!

I found AccountExec off of craigslist of all places. He's in his late 30s, cute, a bit boring, but do-able.

He found me to be attractive, so we started dating. Yes he actually took me out on dates. In fact, he courted me a bit. It was weird as after 5 dates, he didn't make a move.

I was pretty confused because he had started buying me things (like my uber-fabulous juicy couture furry boots!!!), but I didn't sweat it. Why should I?

He finally picked me up for a date closer to his place and of course went back to his place afterwards for our first sleepover.

We started kissing and everything was going well... he became nice and hard.

He entered me... and then... WENT SOFT

I couldn't believe it... and frankly neither could he.

We tried again and the same thing happened... and it's been happening ever since.

And I could care less, as he spends more money to keep me happy.


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