Saturday, February 27, 2010

still searching

sadly AccountExec is no more. After the holidays we briefly talked but then he fell off the face of the earth.

I met a potential sugar daddy, who turned out to be incredibly annoying texting all the time. I decided to be snarky and send him on his way.

After all, if this is gonna work, I need to not be annoyed.

I've got another guy in the works, so we'll see what pans out, but I'm kinda getting tired of looking.

Any advice?


Anonymous said...

Cute Sugar Baby, did you try telling the frequent-texter in a tactful way that your communication style is a bit less IM-y? That you'd prefer to be in contact when it's something important, and to arrange get togethers, and do your chit chatting live? He might have been under the impression that you needed lots of contact to be reassured of his continuing interest.

And ya know, we all hate looking. You're not alone. Given the super high percentage of Fake Daddies and Poof Daddies we have to put up with, it's enough to make any girl consider just waiting tables 16 hours per day to avoid the emotional roller coaster of excitment followed by let down. (((Hugs)))

I have a few various articles on my blog if you want to have a peek and see if any item on there helps you at all with your frustration.

GypsyBaby said...

I think the key here is to fill your life with OTHER exciting things in addition to your search for a sugar daddy (things that you enjoy doing; school, volunteer, social activities, etc). That way you don't get burned out or depressed whenever a SD doesn't work out. My motto has always been "on to the next"; don't dwell on things, it only makes your frustrations and concerns bigger than they actually are ;-)